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The most important thing if you plan to live in your van in the Autum and Winter and it has to be said as we are in the United kingdom ANY TIME OF THE YEARN=) is a good woodburner.

There are lots of styles that are available aswell as price range. The lower of the price range are the gas bottle burners which can be adequate but they do not hold the heat like handmade steel burners.

I chose WINDY SMITHY as they are rated as one of the best if not the best, they are not cheap but the craftsmanship is second to none and his burners are LEGENDARY.The below picture below shows the burner I have. They retail new for around 300£ and here is a link to there website he makes some amazing stuff and he is areal talented BlacksmithWindy Smith Woodburners

Henry Windy smith

Woodburner in action

The woodburner is sat on a Slate Slab in the corner. There is holes on the legs of the woodburner and i used these to secure the Woodburner and slab to the floor. I used bolts which I fixed from Under the wooden flooring.
Last year at alchemy festival in Derby 
The woodburner sits in a spot under the library and by the door. To install the flue through the roof i had to get a fireproof rubber flashing and they are around 40£. I cut a hole in the roof and installed the flashing using  a sealent and tech screws below is an example of the flashing

Shaka and the Woodburner in the  backround
As you can see in the picture above there is a aluminium backplate  which is a heat guard for the wall.The woodburner works a treat and we are able cook on it yet it has to be purring. We also have a carbon monoxide and smoke detector which placed by the bed this is a must if you want to be alive and safe.

The woodburner used as table in the summer

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  1. Sorry forbthis extremely late post. I do hope you're still here. What do you do about capping the flue/chimney when you're driving? Only the flashing with the rubber gasket loads now, so I apologize if this is shown in one of the absent pictures. Thanks!