Tuesday, 26 November 2013



I decided to install a large tank it can be seen in the picture under the box. I chose a 175 ltr tank as i had measured it would just fit under the van WRONG.

 So i paid a friend of mine to weld it to the chassis and he had to cut some of the seem away and move one of the bolt clamps a few inches over so that the water tank fits flush. The steel straps are welded onto the chassis and the tech screwed into the aluminium boxing and as this photo is a year old i have painted and treated the steal and bent the tops over and riveted twice on each from the top will add photo.
 For extra safety I cut a bit of marine ply to fit and built 2 grooves underneath and have 2 heavy duty ratchet straps as a precaution. We have driven around with it for over a year and also full up and it has an awesome water carrying capability.

I wanted the van to feel like a home and not like a carravan so after alot of consideration i chose the pump below which is a WHALE SMARTFLO AUTOMATIC pump. The above picture shows yellow pipe which i have changed for Blue drinking water piping. The pump works similar to tap in your house and all you have to do is turn the tap and the water runs so no switches and pedals. They retail for around 100£.

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